Bony Nose Surgery

Bony nose surgery is a kind of cosmetic nose surgery which is done in those who have hump on their nose, thin skin and strong cartilage. These noses will have better outcome after surgery are good candidates for a fantasy or natural nose surgery.

Patients with bony nose, always have nasal deviation, asymmetry nostrils and lack harmony of the nose with other parts of their face. During this surgery, hump is removed, so, considerable changes will be seen. Surgeons first created incisions to access to the hump and cartilage.

Skin is an important factor in this surgery, because thick skin shows the changes less, or thin skin shows the changes or even defects.

Post- op cares of bony nose surgery

  • Applying ice pack to reduce the swelling around the eyes and nose
  • Avoid sniffing
  • Washing the nose by the saline serum for 2 weeks
  • Resting, 48 hours after surgery and keep the head up while sleeping
  • Avoid using chewable and hard foods
  • Taking a bath, but the dressing should be dry
bony nose surgery

post operative care of bony nose surgery

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