Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

Having big and imbalance of the ears, decreases self- confidence.  Some of these problems are congenital, such as:

  • Lack of auricle
  • Double ears
  • Gap in the auricle
  • Knotted ears

Cosmetic ear surgery also known as otoplasty, removes such problems and done under anesthesia. During surgery, incisions are created in ear cartilage, and surgeons remove excess skin and then create sutures. This surgery always takes 2 hours.

If a patient has prominent on the ears, reconstructive surgery is done. In this surgery, skin is removed, combined behind the ear and the cartilage will be reduced. There are various types of techniques for this surgery. These techniques depend on the surgeon and procedures. Reducing the cartilage and cartilage scoring are the most common procedures.

Benefits of reducing cartilage are as follows:

  • Sutures are used to form the ear
  • Suitable for removing bending the ear
  • Suitable for damaged ears and removing defects of the auricle
  • Recovery of damaged ear due to burning and tearing
  • Suitable for those who have congenital ear problems

Benefits of otoplasty

Those who seek this surgery, should know:

  • This is a safe and harmless surgery
  • This surgery removes any ear defects
  • This surgery increases self confidence
  • Patients will heal after 1 week
  • This surgery improves mental conditions of the patients
  • Incisions are minimal
  • This surgery reconstructs natural appearance of the ear

Pre- operative cares

Patients should avoid smoking, 5 weeks before surgery

Using medications such as aspirin and anti- inflammatory should be avoided, because they can increase risk of bleeding

Patients should care about their skin

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