Ear Infection

Middle ear infection or otitis is seen more in children and is more serious because it can hurt to the eardrum and sped to the brain or inside the ear.

Chronic otitis is an infection which occurs due to the infection of the respiratory system such as cold. This infection goes to the inside of the ear through Eustachian tube. This tube has functions such as, protecting the ear from the microbes, balancing the air pressure between the throat and middle ear.

Signs and symptoms of the middle ear infection

Anorexia, rubbing the ear or fever are the symptoms in the children. In children above the 2, they may have pain but will improve 2 or 3 days later. Pussy discharges are the other symptoms which is indication of perforating the eardrum. In this situation, patients will have no pain and fever.

ear infection

symptoms of ear infection

How to treat ear infection?

Middle ear infection can be treated by using antibiotics to remove the discharges or calmatives to reduce pain and fever.

Infection of the outer ear is more common among the swimmers or those who work in dirty places. Swelling of the gland nodes, hearing disorders, itching or burning, fever or congestion of the ear are the symptoms.

To treat the outer ear infection, using the ear drops is recommended to prevent growth of the infection. cleaning this part of the ear in the early stages, can be helpful. If the infection improves, using the cortisone is recommended.

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