Natural Nose Surgery

During natural nose surgery, the criteria and standards of a nose surgery should be considered. Surgeons should consider the nose in all points and views and then remove the defects based on the structure of the nose.

Role of surgeon in natural nose surgery

Size and form of the nose should be in harmony with other parts of the face, and nostrils should have symmetry with each other. This surgery is done better in those who have thin skin and strong cartilage. So, surgeon for this surgery should know the anatomy of the nose and also, the criteria of having a standard and beautiful nose.

Characteristics of a natural nose surgery

  • Width of the basal nose should be equal to the distance of the eyes
  • Width of the basal nose should be more than bone of the nose
  • Proper angle between the lip and nose
  • Proper size of the nose with chin and cheek
  • Proper angle between nose and forehead
  • Proper size of the nostrils

During natural nose surgery, surgeons created a light hump on the nose and slight changes are done. In this type of surgery risk of breathing problem is less than the other types of the surgery.

natural nose surgery

characteristics of a natural nose surgery

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